EU Championship Rules

NCHA Europe Championship Rules

In the future the European Championship will include ALL Shows held from January to the show in Lyon. Shows have to be in the european  calendar and must be willing to pay the 2€ per rider in every approved class. 

  • European Champions will be honored in Lyon after the Show.
  • We will have European Champions in the following classes:

Limited Open (if accepted by NCHA US)
Non Pro
Limited Non Pro (if accepted by NCHA US)
$5.000 Novice Horse
$50.000 Amateur
$15.000 Amateur
$1.000 Amateur
$2.000 Any Horse Any Rider

All the classes will go by money system except the youth class. 

The youth will have the point system. 3 riders needed to have an approved class and to have points. Point system: for example 3 riders: first one gets 3 points the second 2 and the last 1. If you have 5 riders, the winner gets 5 points the second 4 etc.

All shows which pay the 2€ per entry fee will count for the Ranking whether they are Weekend shows or Challenger Shows. Both shows will be given the same points.