EU Championship Rules

NCHA Europe Championship Rules

The NCHA European Championship 2019 will be held in Lyon again. We will probably have 2 different shows and add the scores to determine the European Champion in the different classes. We take 30 riders of each class to the finals. Riders who want to participate need to qualify until September 30th 2019 by the following system:

– All riders & horses start with 0 points/money

– The ranking for the following horse classes will be on money system

• Open
• $25,000 Novice Horse,
• $5,000 Novice Horse

– The. Ranking for the Rider classes will be on point system

• Non Pro,
• $15.000 Amateur,
• $50.000 Amateur,
• $1000 Amateur,
• $2000 Any Horse Any Rider


Classes with more than 8 competitors.

1. Place: 10 Points
2. Place: 8 Points
3. Place: 6 Points
4. Place: 5 Points
5. Place: 4 Points
6. Place: 3 Points
7. Place: 2 Points
8. Place: 1 Point

Classes with less than 8 competitors.

1. Place: 6 Points
2. Place: 5 Points
3. Place: 4 Points
4. Place: 3 Points
5. Place: 2 Points
6. Place: 1 Point

All shows which pay the 2€ per entry fee will count for the Ranking whether they are Weekend shows or Challenger Shows. Both shows will be given the same points.

  • Every approved class which is held at least 3 times a year and completes an approved class (at least 3 riders) will count for the European Championship.
  • A 2€ Championship fee per entry in all approved classes has to be paid by the show producer to the NCHA EUROPE. The money must be wired to the NCHA Europe account immediately after the show for the show to be counted for the NCHA European Championship.
  • The Show has to be in the European show calendar on the NCHA Europe Website and the show producer has to mark on his entry form if the show counts for the European Championship or not.