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To promote the cutting horse sport in Europe.

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The National Cutting Horse Association is divided into different regions.
NCHA Europe -Area 26- belongs to region 4 together with
Canada(East), Connecticut, District of Columbia Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont Virginia, West Virginia.Our contact person at the Executive Committee is Jeff Fisk.Today (June 2015) Area 26 has 13 approved affiliates at the NCHA.

There are much more affiliates in Europe which you can find under affiliates:

Who are we and what are we doing.
We are 6 directors, elected by the european NCHA USA members and 2 volontary secretairies. We all work for free. We are NOT an association. Our aim is to get a better communication between european cutters as well as between the NCHA USA and Europe.
We are working to make the NCHA cutting sport more successful in
Europe. This is just possible if we ALL work together. You can find a lot of information on this webpage, but if you still have questions please feel free to ask.

We will be glad to help you

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Convention 2019

The NCHA Europe convention was held in Frankfurt, Saturday 26th 2019 Please find below the resume in the different languages...

J5 Ranch


30.10-03.11. 2019 Lyon France